Supernova Party on My Nails

I’m entirely obsessed with this super fun Supernova Glitter nail polish that I randomly picked up at American Apparel a few days ago. It seems so versatile and I think it would look awesome topped over pretty much any nail color, but right now I’m really liking it with my favorite creamy nude: Sand Tropez by Essie. I haven’t been this excited about my nails in a while. I especially love that there are various sizes and colors of glitter in it because it really adds a lot of depth!

It’s nearly impossible to have a bad day with a disco party on your nails

I used two coats of Sand Tropez, one coat of Supernova and then a clear acrylic top coat. The glitter polish is easy to apply and I think it’s kind of exciting that you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get with it. You could definitely do more than one coat to get them extra glittery and I may have to try that next.

What other glitter nail polishes are amazing that you’ve tried?



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